New Energy

Mitsui & Co. pursues a unique, multifaceted, and flexible approach to developing and delivering industrial solutions for global climate change, bringing together the knowledge, business foundations, and customer and partner base of its diverse business fields. MEMS is pursuing structured solutions in this fast-growing sector called New Energy.

What is New Energy?

Renewable or New Energy originates from sources that can be continuously, naturally replenished, such as biofuels, water, solar, geothermal, hydropower, and wind. This energy creates a much smaller carbon footprint, is safer for the environment, and is more sustainable than conventional fuels.

Importance of New Energy

Over time and with changes to policies and procedures, our team can help reduce emissions by supporting the creation and distribution of new forms of non-carbon-based energy that can provide for generations to come.

Renewable Natural Gas (RNG)

RNG is a pipeline-quality natural gas supply that is derived from capturing and cleaning up organic waste from sources such as landfill, manure, and food waste and converting it into a clean, reliable energy source. MEMS purchases offtake from these resources and distributes the fuel to our clients who seek to reduce their carbon footprint. The feedstock utilization varies by client, as some seek landfill gas supply for long-term markets, while others utilize dairy supply for CNG or Hydrogen transport fuel.

Renewable Liquids (RL)

Renewable Liquids involve the conversion of feedstocks (such as UCO, bean oils, ethanol, sugarcane, etc.) and converting to liquid transport fuels that reduce carbon emissions such as sustainable aviation fuels or renewable diesel.

Our primary focus is on structured solutions in support of technologies and applications geared toward reducing the auto and aviation carbon footprint.