Corporate Profile

Mitsui & Co. Energy Marketing and Services (USA), Inc. (MEMS), a subsidiary of Mitsui & Co, Ltd., is an energy marketing and services company headquartered in Houston, Texas.

Our corporate vision is to continue to grow as a top-tier energy trading firm with a collaborative and unique multi-commodity portfolio.

In 2010, Mitsui established MEPUSA and began participation in the shale gas development and production business of Marcellus. MEMS was established in the following year, and the sale of its gas began. In addition to the sale of Marcellus shale gas, MEMS took on the role of procuring gas feedstock for Cameron LNG and Fairway Methanol LLC, a joint venture with Texas-based Celanese Corporation.

Utilizing product and market knowledge gained from these activities, MEMS has also entered electricity trading in Texas and has expanded to engage in energy trading spanning diverse areas such as natural gas, electric power, oil, renewable fuels, and environmental and emissions credits. It also provides raw material procurement for FirstElement Fuel, which is involved in the development of hydrogen station businesses.

With environmental changes such as the shale revolution and the advancement of the energy transition, Mitsui is creating industrial value in the U.S. through a strategy based on business participation at each stage of the value chain in addition to creating footholds in new business areas by diversifying the products we handle through trading.